Paul R. Selvin
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Department of Physics
1110 West Green Street
Urbana, IL 61801-3080
phone: (217) 244-3371 - fax: (217) 333-4898
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Research Aims

To study the structure and dynamics of biological macromolecules using single molecule fluorescence. Specific biological systems of interest include molecular motors (conventional and unconventional myosins, kinesins, dyneins), receptors involved in neuronal transmissions (voltage-controlled potassium ion channels; ligand-gated ion channels; mechanosensitive-channels), and more recently, genomics. The lab is split between technology development and biological applications. Technique development includes development of single molecule fluorescence, particularly Fluorescence Imaging with One Nanometer Accuracy (FIONA) and related techniques. These are able to get 1 nm accuracy in >2 msec, and 8 nm resolution. Both one- and two-photon excitation is used, where the latter we can get nanometer accuracy and resolution in all three dimensions. Other optical techniques are DOPI (Defocused Orientation and Position Imaging of myosin V), SHREC (Single molecule High REsolution with Colocalization, also known as 2D-FIONA), SHRIMP (Super High Resolution IMaging with Photobleaching), and single-molecule fluorescence resonance energy transfer. Another project is performing single molecule measurements with an optical trap in a cell (as opposed to regular in vitro measurements).

While we do basic research, the hope is that one day this will have real impact. So far, we have a number of patents that have been commercialized: 3 patents on lanthanide-chelates, which are used in high-throughput screening of drugs; 2 patents on single-molecule fluorescence for detecting genetic changes; 1 for detecting super-high-resolution with a few (as opposed to one) dyes; 1 for obtaining a super-stable microscope stage.

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Science Writing

Contributing Writer, Science, News and Comment, Research News (1990-95).
Science Writer (AAAS mass media fellowship), Detroit Free Press (Summer 1990).



Published Technical Papers:

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+ 12 peer-reviewed Conference Proceedings


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Magazine Articles for General Science Audience:

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As a Science Writer at the Detroit Free Press while on a AAAS 1990 Fellowship I wrote 18 articles, ranging from cryonics, to tracing evolution via gene sequencing of different organisms, to the search for the original language, to technological advances in energy-efficiency.

Current Support

  1. PI, Dynamics of Kinesins, Dyneins, and Myosins. NIH AR44420 (continuation), 8/06-7/11: $2.98M.
  2. PI, NIH, GM 068625: Nanometric Fluorescence Imaging of Single Motor Proteins. To develop FIONA applied to in vitro kinesin, myosin V, myosin VI. 5/1/04-4/30/09, $2.1M
  3. PI, NIH, GM 074770: Fluorescence Changes in Shaker Potassium Ion Channel. To measure conformational changes in Shaker as a function of Voltage. 8/1/05-7/31/09.

Recent Past Support

  1. PI, NIH, GM. Genetically Targetable Labels for Light and EM: (Roger Tsien, UCSD, PI). Develop new GFP-like fluorophores. 07/04 - 06/08.
  2. PI, Advanced Fluorescence Energy Transfer on Actomyosin. NIH AR44420, 8/01 - 7/06: $1.81M.
  3. PI (with Taekjip Ha): Instrument Development for Imaging and Manipulation of Single Biomolecules. NSF DBI-02-15869, 06/01/02 - 5/31/05: $500k
  4. PI (with Ali Yazdani, S. Lance Cooper), Novel Nanoscale Probes of Single Biomolecules and Biomolecular Assemblies, Dept. of Energy DEFG02-91ER45439 (through the Frederick Seitz Material Research Laboratory): 1/00 - 1/05, $60k-$80k/yr.
  5. PI, Career: Conformational Changes in Voltage-controlled Ion Channels Measured by Advanced Fluorescence Techniques, NSF MCB99-84841, 01/01/00 - 12/31/05, Total: $500k.
  6. PI, Turning on and off voltage-gated ion channels: Is the on-off switch a plunger or rotating knob? Cottrell Scholars Fund, Research Corp. 05/01/00 - 04/30/05: $75,000
  7. PI, Watching Individual Ion Channels Move Using Advanced Fluorescence Methods: A Biophysical Study of the Proteins that Enable us to Think, See, Hear, Feel and Move. Funded by the Carver Trust. 10/31/99 - 03/30/03: $325,000.
  8. PI, Luminescence Resonance Energy Transfer on Actomyosin. NIH, 09/30/96 - 08/01/01. $525k total.
  9. PI, Luminescent Lanthanide Chelate Development, Sponsored Research. Funded by Amersham Life Sciences, Inc. Total : $285,000; Period: 07/01/97 - 06/30/00.
  10. PI, The Conformation of Voltage-controlled Ion Channels in Living Cells Studied by Fluorescence and Luminescence Resonance Energy Transfer. Funded by Research Corporation. Total Direct: $35,000; Period: 05/01/99 - 04/30/00.
  11. PI, Structure of the Myosin Dimer and Molecular Mechanism of Smooth Muscle Regulation. Funded by UIUC Research Board. Total Direct: $25,200; Period: 05/01/98 - 12/31/99.

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